Ephesians: God's Great Plan for All Creation

Many Christians have a privatized and individualized vision of the gospel. We tend to think that the gospel is all about God’s great plan of salvation for me, (and a few others). In the book of Ephesians, this individualistic view of Christianity is blown apart as we come to see God’s great plan for all creation and for his church: God’s eternal plan was to create through Jesus Christ a new community of people which stands in bright contrast to the the fallenness and brokenness of this world: God’s new community – called the church – is to be characterized by life in place of death, unity in place of division, reconciliation instead of alienation, grace instead of bitterness, righteousness instead of selfishness and sin, love and peace instead of hatred and strife. All this is God’s great plan for creation, through Jesus Christ, for the praise of his glory!