Advent 2022: Let Heaven & Nature Sing

One of the great traditions of Christmas is the songs that we sing; many of them songs that have been sung around the world for centuries. These wonderful carols remind us that despite the hardships of the past year, because of Christ’s birth, there really is a ‘thrill of hope’, because ‘He rules the world, with truth and grace’. These carols also call us to join the wise men and women of ancient times in bowing down to worship: to “come, and behold him, joyfully and triumphantly”, falling on our knees and declaring the wonder of Christ and the hope of Christmas. For Advent 2022, we journey through the familiar Christmas carols and explore the ways in which they put the wonderful promises of Scripture to song and how they call us to worship and adore Him.


Joy to the World

Revelation 21:1-5
Revelation 22:1-7
25th December 2022